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Who we are

We are not necessarily going anywhere in particular as our goal is to get the most out of the ride.  In many respects the journey is our destination.  Given the opportunity, none of us would ever be out of the saddle.  For most of us, however, life’s duties and obligations relegate riding to a cherished luxury.  Shinysideuplaw is our “day job” and other passion.  We are attorneys dedicated to helping our clients with the same focus and determination as we approach a twisty bit of mountain road.  It has been our great pleasure to serve the legal needs of fellow riders who share our love of life “uncaged” and on two-wheels.

Events that we are supporting.

“There is something about motorcycle people.  I enjoy interacting with them more than with a randomly selected group of the general populace.  I was trying to figure out why this is when it came to me — shared passion.  I could have strong political or religious differences with other people, but if they liked motorcycles, we could enjoy each other’s company.”

Paul Ritter
Racing the Gods


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